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Mini Candle - $6.25


4 oz Tin with choice of standard Hemp wick or the New Wood Wick. Click arrow to pick scent, then check your choice of wick.  

New wood wick craze.  The wood wick is larger so it covers a bigger area and puts out a cracking wood sound, with a stronger scent.   We use plant based waxes

You can check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS

7 - 8 oz Jar candle - $8.75

This is for one jar candle, with a plant based wax, your choice of scent.  We use the maximum allowed fragrance for a extra strong burning scent.  Click the arrow to pick scent and check what type of jar and wick you would like.  Choice of jar shown left to right - square jar, green square jar and round jelly jar (note green jar does not have a lid).  

 Green Square - out of stock

Check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS

Mason Square – Hemp Wick
Round Jelly – Hemp Wick
8oz Tin – Hemp Wick