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6 oz Linen Spray - $5.50

Spray on your furniture, clothes, car, in the air, etc (not skin safe).  Scent your area!!  Your choice of Scent

Check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS


\6 oz Odor Eliminator - $7.00

Odor Eliminator is the most innovative and effective product on the market to eliminate biological odors associated with incontinence and even necrotic tissue. Unlike other sprays and deodorizers which simply mask the odor, this advanced formula eliminates unpleasant and embarrassing odors.  Due to the chemical makeup of this product, bakery type fragrances are actually masked similarly to how the product masks foul smells; we do not  suggest adding bakery type fragrances to this product.  This product works great on all odors.  This product is safe to use for a room spray, linen spray and body safe.

Check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS