18" Doll (AMERICAN GIRL, Etc)


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Matching Doll and Child PJ's - $25.00 

These are matching sets - 1 set fits the doll and the exact match for the child

All are made from a flannel type material - except for the cinderella (this is cotton). 

Some are Gowns and some are PJ Shorts - see dropdown and pics for details

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Blanket & Pillow Set - $10.00

 The set is designed for all 18" size dolls.  With one set you will receive:  Blanket and Pillow - all sized for the doll only, will not fit child

 Clothes and Accessories

Matching purses - 1 for the child and one for the doll.  Your choice of animal print or pink sequin 

Workout outfit, in cow print - Pants, top, headband and bag

Dress outfit - Dress, jacket Hat and boots  

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