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Body Sets - click here

6 oz Hair & Body Mist - $6.75

This product is safe to be used on both skin and hair.  Also leaves skin feeling refreshed and works well as a hair detangler/conditioner spray! Contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Collagen and Sea Salts! *Mist has a milky appearance, it is not crystal clear.

Check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS


6 oz Body Spray - $7.25

Alcohol Based

Why Alcohol Based?  They disperse fragrance on skin evenly

The alcohol evaporates quickly and feels refreshing

Fragrance stays on skin longer


6 oz Body Mist with Milk - $6.75

This is a Body Mist with Goats Milk, that leaves skin feeling refreshed. Shake well before use.  Due to the milk, the mist is a white mist.   Milk based products have recently been rediscovered, largely due to the current research on milk proteins that is teaching consumers about the way skin benefits from contact with whey protein and lactic acid. Lactic acid helps smooth skin by exfoliation whose benefits include giving skin strength and suppleness. Goats milk is packed with natural emollients, vitamins, minerals and triglycerides that moisturize the skin!! Goat's milk has the same ph as the human skin, maintaining the delicate balance on the surface of your skin. 

 Your Choice of scent


6 oz Odor Eliminator - $7.25

Odor Eliminator is the most innovative and effective product on the market to eliminate biological odors associated with incontinence and even necrotic tissue. Unlike other sprays and deodorizers which simply mask the odor, this advanced formula eliminates unpleasant and embarrassing odors.  Due to the chemical makeup of this product, bakery type fragrances are actually masked similarly to how the product masks foul smells; we do not  suggest adding bakery type fragrances to this product.  This product works great on all odors.  This product is safe to use for a room spray, linen spray and body safe.

Check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS


2 oz Spray choice of Perfume oil or Body Oil at $7.00, or Dry Oil at $7.50

Same as above but in a 2 oz spray bottle

Your choice of Perfume oil, Body oil or dry oil

Please note that body oil & perfume oil are thicker oils and will not spray like a traditional spray

Check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS


Perfume Oil
Body Oil

1 oz Perfume Spray - $16.00

Check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS

You will get 1 rollon choose your size:

Perfume - Alcohol based

Select Size:


You will get 1 rollon your choice of type below:

Dry oil - goes on like a perfume but without the alcohol and goes on soft like a oil without the oil feel. 

Body Oil - Fragrance with a mix of natural oils.  

Perfume/Cologne Oil - No extra additives, just the perfume oil. 

Your Choice of scent   

 Easy to carry and take with you anywhere.  Why pay the high price for brand name perfumes when you can have the same scent for less? 

1/3 ounce not big enough - order our 1 oz.  1 oz is like getting 3 of the 1/3 oz roll-ons.  If you like rollons check out the specials page.   

Check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS

Select Size:

Pick Type:
Dry Oil
Perfume/Cologne Oil
Body Oil

.15 oz Solid Perfume/Cologne Stick - $3.75

(Scented Balm) - Easy to throw in pocket or purse, great way to try new scents.   

100% all natural; made with only the finest, top-of-the line ingredients

Contains: coconut oil, bees wax, shea butter, cocoa butter and more

Check scent descriptions by clicking this link - SCENT DESCRIPTIONS