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 (Mar 21, 2015) THERESE said:

I get SO many COMPLIMENTS when I wear your version of Beautiful. 

I love having a wardrobe of fragrances that I adore. 

You have a customer for life. 


(Aug 3, 2014) MARY R. said:

I wish to thank Mark and crew for making gift giving sooooo easy. I live on the east coast and my dear friend, lives on the west coast. Antonia's Flowers Type is her MOST FAVORITE scent!! She prefers Scents and Stuff to any other...I do "BILL TO"- "SHIP TO"...My friend loves it!!! Thanks, Mark



(Jan 15, 2014) Robin said:

I ordered the Detangler/Leave-in Conditioner and LOVE it! It leaves my hair so soft! I ordered it in the Shampure scent, and couldn't be happier - smells just like the expensive stuff. Thank you!

Mar 5, 2013) Erin said:

I bought your version of Burberry Brit Sheer and it smells EXACTLY like it and lasts. Thanks!


(Jan 18, 2013) Amanda said:

I got my order yesterday and was like a little kid on Christmas. I've already used my salt scrub, lotion, and lip scrub, and they are all wonderful! LOVE your products! :D


(Jan 7, 2013) Rebecca said:

Hi! Looking forward to placing an order in the next week or two....Any luck locating the "Ellen Tracy" scent? Thanks again!!!


(Mar 23, 2013) Willa said:

I really love your body butter(s) and scent sticks! I'm hooked.


(Mar 12, 2013) Shayne B. said:

(Add on to earlier comment) 

The scents I mentioned were all incense. If you like incense and love a scent, do not hesitate.


(Mar 12, 2013) Shayne B. said:

So far I have tried Twilight, Chocolovers, & Candy Fluff. I am so amazed at how true they are to the original scents. 
Also, I LOVE Twilight (L) and no one else offers this scent! My orders have arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I will definitely be a repeat customer.


(Dec 11, 2012) Anonymous said:

Yes Tommy hers is a version of tommy girl. I will check on the other


(Dec 10, 2012) Rebecca said:

Hi! Is the new "Tommy Hers" scent your version of Tommy Girl? Do you have or can you get a version of Ellen Tracy by Ellen Tracy? (She also has Ellen and Tracy scents but I prefer the original. Thank you so much! Cheers!


(Oct 30, 2012) Sherri said:

I love all your products I have tried. The perfume/cologne roll on. lotion, lip balm, perfume sticks, diffuser oils and incense. I just placed another order. The fragrances are wonderful and long lasting. Keep up the good work!!