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Holiday Scents


Apple Jack & Peel – CB type (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) – Baked apples and citrus zest 


Bamboo & basil – Fresh Clean Scent


Bayberry Mint (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) - Bayberry with a hint of mint

Bayberry Plant – warm and spicy holiday traditional fragrance


Black Licorice – Strong and true to its name

Bourboned spice toddy - spicy blend of apples, lemons, rich warm vanilla, with bourbon and woods


Candy Cane - A combination of fresh peppermint leaves &

sweet ripened strawberries, on a down of vanilla


Candy Corn  - A sugar sweet treat with hints of vanilla for a purely candilicious scent

Christmas on the Square  – Fir needles, pine, frankincense,  
hints of fruity notes of cranberry and orange, finish off with cinnamon

Cinnamon Raisin Bread                         



Cinnamon stick (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) – traditional cinnamon 


Clove -  Warm and spicy but not too overpowering is the perfect description for this comforting and traditional scent


Egg Nog - Sweet, creamy difficult to find fragrance complete with hints of nutmeg and rum.

Figgy Pear (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) - A fruity blend of Pears and Figs

Fresh Baked Bread - A crispy crust & warm steamy soft center

Fresh Cranberries - Sweet cranberries

Harvest Moon - Orange & Pumpkin with Nectarine, Hay Accord, Nutmeg. With Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla

Home Sweet Home type (YC type) – (Not Body Product Safe) -  Spicy (cinnamon and clove) with rose and ylang ylang

Hot Cocoa & Marshmallows - Hot cocoa topped off with rich marshmallow cream 

Natural Pine (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) – nice relaxing pine tree scent


Noel (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) – Smell of Christmas

Oak moss (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) - Type of lichen used in modern perfumery  

Oatmeal Milk & Honey - Fresh aroma of hawthorne, with hints of creamy French vanilla, soy milk & a base note of nutty almond

Orange Pomander (Not Body Product Safe) – Strong orange scent with a bit of spice  

Orange Spice  - Orange scent with a touch of spice

Peach Cobbler (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) - fresh peaches and sweet crust

Pear Spice (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) – Spicy Pear Scent

Pecan Pie Buttery homemade pecan pie

Pumpkin custard spice (Not Body Product Safe) - Warm pumpkin  
custard with just the right touch of spices. Very sweet and custardy


Pumpkin Pie Spice - Sweet cream pumpkin, with nutmeg, 

cinnamon, clove, and ginger; rounded out with vanilla buttery notes


Southern Hospitality – Notes of true southern cooking.  Hints of vanilla, nutmeg and other spices


Spice – A spice mix of Balsam, basil, nutmeg and Cinnamon      

Spice (Kitchen Spice) (Not Body Product Safe) – Blends of cinnamon stick, clove bud 

Spice cake (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) - A Spicy scent with white cake    

Spiced Cranapple Cider – Tart cranberries with clove and cinnamon with a hint of rum   

Spiced Plum (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) - Sweet ripened plums with a hint of spice

Sugar Cookie – almost smells like you could eat it

Vanilla Nut Bread – A warm blend of vanilla and walnuts      

Vanilla nut spice(Not Body Product Safe) - A Spicy scent with a touch of vanilla and nuts  

Warm Apple Pie  Fresh out of the oven

Woodland orange (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE)Spicy Orange scent

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