Misc/Unique Scents

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Baby Powder - (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) – Soft powdery scent


Bacon - Fresh cooked

Barbeque Sauce - The sweet and smokey smell of BBQ Sauce


Beer Concentrate – bring on the hops 

Campfire (smoke) - this fragrance smells less like fire and more like the smoke produced by it.

Candle Shop
(NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) - A mix of all the scents in a candle shop


Cigar Shop - A masculine and woody step into a humidor, varying tobaccos ranging from sweet to spicy to bitter.

Citronella - Citronella is credited with having therapeutic properties as

an atiseptic, deodorant, insecticide, parasitic, tonic & as a stimulant. 


Crisp Cucumber (Not Body Product Safe) – A fresh, crisp cucumber.

Cucumber, green, muguet, citrus, geranium and rose. A soft violet & musk at the base


Dove Soap

Dirt Green - Fresh muddy dirt blended with moist mossy notes.

Firewood - herbaceous pine, balsam, and citrus bergamot; leading to middle notes of white flowers and earthy sandalwood; sitting on base notes of woodsy patchouli and violet

Fizzy Pop (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) – soda pop without the flavoring 

Fresh Cut Grass - Very Strong Grass Scent


Green Tea (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) - A green herbal bouquet reminiscent of green tea 

Gun Powder - just like it sounds

 Honeycomb - duplication of a golden, warm, raw, unrefined honey scent.

Irish Spring Type - Like the Soap

Leather – warm musky scent of fine leather – makes great car scenters

Popcorn Fresh Popped - Delicious aroma of freshly popped popcorn 


Root beer Float (NOT BODY PRODUCT SAFE) – you got it, just like the drink 

Silly Putty - Like the silly putty we played with as a kid


Smoke Ridder – smokers in the house?  Counteract that scent 

Suntan Lotion  This is a wonderful arrangement of green herbs, jasmine, rose, lavender, and lilac
Tiger balm – Imitation of the widely used Far East medicine.  Reputed to cure all kinds of itches, aches and pains.  
Warmth – Warm creamy vanilla type perfume fragrance 



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