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 Cooling Bands - $4.00


Soak in water until wrap swells (to keep water from dripping, keep ends of bands out of water - just soak the middle where crystals are).  Wrap around neck, head, etc.  Cool Bands work on the principal of evaporative cooling.  Once the crystals are hydrated, the fabric surface of the Cool Band draws the moisture from the crystals to the fabric surface, which evaporates resulting in an effective body cooler. (do not freeze).  

Body Puffs 5 1/2".  Very Soft Polyester Material with polyester fill.   


    5 1/2" Puff - $4.00 

 Powder Mitt  - $6.00

Want both powder and mitt as a combo below.  Mitt has a velcro opening, pour powder right into mitt.  


Mitt and Powder Combo - Mitt Add On - Purchase a Mitt and Powder together for $10.00.  Save by buying them together.   

Please choose your Mitt Color, then choose your Powder Scent
Price: $10.00 for combo
Select from drop down:


Lollipop Puff $7.00 - this is one of our large puffs on a handy stick.  These are marketed more towards a kids puff but I think there great for applying powder to the back or for people with limited mobility.