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Please Note:  I will contact you if  I do not have enough fragrance to complete your order.  In the event this happens - I will offer another scent or a refund. 

- Scent Sample - Free (LIMIT 2 PER ORDER)

Limit applies to sample total, not each

Try a scent before you buy it.  In the event I am out of samples, I will refund any money paid for samples and no samples will be sent. 

Please order only scent samples of scents that are not in your order.  This option is just to try a new scent not to get a free sample. 

Since these are free samples, I reserve the right to cancel and refund if every order is samples and no product.   

If you are requesting samples with an order DO NOT add to cart but note your scent choices and either body or home scent in the comments section of your cart.  If you are ordering samples without an order add one to your cart and note the remainder in the comments section.  This way it will charge you shipping cost for just one.  If you add more to your cart, you will be charged shipping cost on each.    

These Scents are Body Safe - Safe for use on body.